Good grief Charlie Brown

  1. Sometimes the kite got off the ground. It could even have been said to have been flying. But if a kite falls in the woods, and no one is around to see it, it still hits the ground. Curse you…

New video for the song Paperhouse from Implicit Narrative

We can finally  have a new video to show you, the  first public reveal of a song from Implicit Narrative, a song called Paperhouse, with a video by Blue Dinosaur Animation . The song is about historical and ongoing exploitative…


Album time at last

Hi there dear reader. It feels like an age since I typed the words 'album coming soon' into this blog and finally that seems to be happening. The physical discs are a thing of beauty and I have one sat…


Slow news year

Hello there. It would appear that we slightly neglected this website last year. In point of fact this is the first blog entry since 2017. Which is silly. Because 2018 contained some wonderful newsworthy events,  including a highly memorable gig…



The EPs worth of material recorded at the same time as the songs that constitute the Scowl LP are now available as a downloadable EP through the Vacilando 68 Recordings Bandcamp page. There are 4 songs: a reworking of live…


'Scowl'; the 2nd review

Hot on the heals of the 1st review, here is the second:

Buzzin Album of the Month 

"Scowl is a book for small children by Steve Smallman about an owl called Scowl. Scowl was only happy when he…


'Scowl'; the 1st review

The 5th album by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society is available from today. Here is the first review. Well the first review other than our Mums collectively looking confused. As usual. Anyway, thank you Stephen Morris for these…


Something Else

The last Saturday in September saw us booked to play at the lovely Something Else in the Dean Festival. Had been looking forward to it pretty much since the last one and we set off in plenty of time to…



Ok, so here we finally are. 10 months on from the last recording and mixing sessions, the 5th album by STFES is ready to leave the nest and a date of the 10th of November has been set for pushing…



Happy new years to you all. 

The end of 2016 brought with it the completion of the recording of our 5th album, entitled 'Scowl'. It is a progression from the eponymous 4th longplayer and because we recorded more than we…

6th review of the 4th album

Sad to report that we have had our first bad review in years. Not since the second Stuart Turner solo album has anyone gone to the bother of putting in print their qualified dislike of what they heard. Which is…

5th review of the 4th album

The following appeared in Penny Black Music. And is quite pleasing indeed:

"Appealing and rewarding fourth album from the music collective headed by raspy-voiced, Medway-based Stuart Turner reveals that they have lost none of their passion."

"We’ve come…