Album time at last

Hi there dear reader. It feels like an age since I typed the words 'album coming soon' into this blog and finally that seems to be happening. The physical discs are a thing of beauty and I have one sat in front of me now, with it's glorious yellow vinyl, it's glowing lily filled ribcage art care of Ani Graves, it's striking design from Darryl Hartley, the graphic novel style inner sleeve from Ester Mace and the poetry of Sarah Jenkin and Barry Fentiman-Hall. The video for the song Paperhouse is due at the end of the week. In fact dance would appear to be the only art we aren't currently supporting at the moment, but with the album launch booked for the 14th of March in Rochester, with other gigs in the offing, we hope you can support the dancing for us. 

We are delighted to be doing the launch gig with our label friends Theatre Royal, who hae their own new album in the offing soon and if you tune into XFM or 6Music these days you are likely to hear them. We also have the Dredgermen, folk-punk troubadours who've comings and going have kept the act fresh and spontaneous. But as with the Phrenology album launch show, we have organised a second singer-songwriter stage for solo acts between the main stage bands. Simon Bunyan, songwriter with the excellent These Guilty Men, blues maestro Stephen Webster and Jack Cade (named after a leader of the Peasants Revolt) will all be providing intimate bar room songsmithery in leu of overloud piped music through the PA whilst amps are moved about and so forth. 

We are also delighted that Sarah Jenkin and Barry Fentiman-Hall have agreed to perform their sleeve note poetry during the STFES set. And if that wasn't enough, David Reed of The Claim has agreed to sing the song Helen with us, a song we wrote for him to sing on our last album, Scowl, but which we have only played live without him. It promises to be a first rate evening.

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