All aboard!

After a spate of gigs which could be viewed as a tour of Southern England if we didn't, you know, come home again after every gig, we are finally releasing our 10 inch vinyl EP 'The Gentlemen's Club: An Introduction by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society'. This was originally intended to be a companion piece to the @The Art and Science of Phrenology: A Presentation by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society', as both the name and the cover suggest. But with delays aboundant everywhere, it wasn't ready back in February when the album was released, despite the EP being recorded back in November last year. But it's all good to go now. The four song EP has been beautifully assembled by Vacilando '68 Records, as with the album and all vinyl purchases will include free download options. Additionally the free download includes an ambient drum and bass remix of the track 'Migratory'. (That last sentence being something I never thought I would find myself typing). 

Anyway, to celebrate the launch of the EP we are putting on a show for you all. And what a show it will be. The wonderful floating lighthouse that is the LV21 lightship, currently moored at Gillingham Pier, Kent, have agreed to let us put on a launch night aboard the ship. We will be playing, obviously, but there will be sets from the wonderful Dredgermen, Theatre Royal and The Parade. As all the above have released there own magnificent musical efforts this year, the merch table will be a positive feast of ware. And once more we will have the tremendously splendid James Worse Public Address Method providing the continuity announcements. As seen on television you know. 

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