EP launched

The Gentlemen's Club EP was finally launched at a most splendid evening aboard the LV21 Lightship. For the uninitiated this is a great big floating lighthouse that has been serving as a fantastically magic art center and culture hub for a few years, but is rather sadly being threatened by the somewhat shady interests of local council officials and may have to move elsewhere. We certainly hope it doesn't, we want to go and play on the boat again! Anyway, the gig was great fun, there were were simply wonderful performances from The Dredgermen, Theatre Royal and The James Worse Public Address Method (sadly The Parade had to drop out at the very last minute due to circumstances beyond any of our controls) and a bouyant atmosphere that was quite appropriate. Thank you one and all.

The glorious 10 inches of shiny plastic that is our EP is now available to order from this very website. It is also available in several record shops in Medway and London and will be available in a 'stop us and buy one' scenario at all future gigs. Until they have all gone. 

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