We've sort of been on tour

Since the album became available to the wider world we have been playing two gigs a week in the closest thing to a tour this band's ever engaged in. We've played in South, East and West Kent, Gloucestershire,  Oxfordshire, Dorsetshire…

3rd review of the 4th album

The following review was penned by music author Stephen Morris for his review blog 'Reviewage', April 2016:

A question. If George Martin was the fifth Beatle, does that make photographer Nikki Price – for the purposes of their latest


2nd review of the 4th album

The following appeared on the Medway Jellyfish blogsite, April 2016. It was penned by Mr Robert Lindsey under the pen name Spike Direction: 

Finally, it’s here! the long-awaited, new, self-titled album from Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society,


1st review of the 4th album

The following appeared in the April 2016 edition of Wow, written by Medway photographer Phil Dillon:

Recorded “as live as possible” at Ranscombe Studios over a single weekend in 2014, the eponymous fourth album from Stuart Turner & The Flat


Album launch date

Hello, hello, testing testing one two three...

Our album launch gig, for the oft discussed and long delayed eponymous fourth album, will be on Friday the 15th of April aboard the LV21 Lightship, moored at Gillingham Pier, Gillingham, Kent. There…

2016 and all that

The physical vinyl copies of the eponymous 4th album by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society finally exist. We have them. There is one right in front of me as we speak (well, type). They are things of great…

The long wait continues, but hopefully not much longer

So the Medway Homespun Festival appearance went pretty well and Mike Sewell played such a blinder on the old drum-set that we asked him to join the band. Which he did. So we have a new drummer. We are busy…

Festival appearances, album news and a sad departure

The last month has seen some mixed fortunes for the good ship stfes. We played at the Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire and it was great fun and we hope to be playing more things like this in the future…

Bunch of lesser spotted solo gigs and what's new

Stuart has a few solo gigs coming up in Brixton, Gilliingham and Rochester over the next month and the band have got their first gig of the year coming up at the beginning of May. Why so little activity of…

Review by Buzzin Music of The Gentlemen's Club EP

Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – The Gentlemen’s Club 10” EP Terry Lane - Monday 01.12.14, 22:58pm The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth…

Review by Phil Dillon in the WOW, Dec. 2014

The Gentlemen’s Club This month sees the release of ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society. Their second EP, which follows three full length albums, is brought to us by the recently stabilised line-up of…