2016 and all that

The physical vinyl copies of the eponymous 4th album by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society finally exist. We have them. There is one right in front of me as we speak (well, type). They are things of great joy and beauty. And very soon you can have your own copy to lovingly stare at during the long winter nights. Or just play and nod your head to, depending on how emotionally involved you want to get. We are in the process of sorting out some launch gigs, trying to make them as special and memorable as possible. 

2015 ended with a brace of gigs on home turf at the barge in Gillingham and they were both as good a gig as ever there was. The Christmas gig with label mates Theatre Royal will live in our collective consciousness for all the right reasons and we even managed to raise a bit of money for Parkinsons UK while we were about it. 2016 will see us trying to take the bang and rattle a bit further afield, and we already have a few festival lined up for the summer months. Watch this space for details.

In addition to the STFES album it looks as if Stuarts side project, an album of traditional folk music he's mucked about with for a few months under the name 'Abdication House', will be happening early this year too. For lack of anywhere else to house it he will be flogging that from this website too, and it promises to be a highly original take on some fairly well known material. Folk music, but not as you might know it. 

Anyway, hope you all have a happy new year and all that

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