Happy new years to you all. 

The end of 2016 brought with it the completion of the recording of our 5th album, entitled 'Scowl'. It is a progression from the eponymous 4th longplayer and because we recorded more than we could feasibly fit on what we hope will be a vinyl release, we have four songs left over for 'The Offcuts EP' which we will put out as a download only release in February. When the LP will be available is anyones guess, but the artwork is well underway, with the talented Mr Rikard Osterland having taken Victorian wet-plate photographs of the various band memembers and guests, giving the project a feel all of its own even before you've heard a note.

We have also played our first musical engagement of the year, at The Penny Theatre in Canterbury, the place where a young and unjadded Mr Turner first opened his mouth to sing in public back in the days before internet, blogs, social media, hashtags and the digital photograph. Obviously therefore I have no means of proving this. 

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