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Hello, hello, testing testing one two three...

Our album launch gig, for the oft discussed and long delayed eponymous fourth album, will be on Friday the 15th of April aboard the LV21 Lightship, moored at Gillingham Pier, Gillingham, Kent. There will be two supporting acts, the identity of which will be confirmed later. Tickets will go on sale soon once the afore mentioned other acts have confirmed. The show will commence at 8.30pm. There will be a bar. There will be merchandise. There will be additional toilet facilities on the dock. 

If you buy the album at the gig not only will you get it slightly ahead of elsewhere (inc. from this website) but you get a limited edition additional format to the vinyl and download package (that's a CD of the album if you carefully read between the lines). 

More (or should that be moored?) details will follow.

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