Festival appearances, album news and a sad departure

The last month has seen some mixed fortunes for the good ship stfes. We played at the Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire and it was great fun and we hope to be playing more things like this in the future. Thanks to all the dancers and all the bods who ran up to take photos with Stuart when he somewhat foolishly jumped off the very high stage. And of course to Gail and all the Something Else team for having us along. While we were there Stuart got invited up to do some backing vocals for one of his musical heroes in the form of Les 'Fruitbat from Carter' Carters splendid band Abdujaparov, which was an absolute pleasure. 

Also, the artwork for the eponymous album has finally been re-jigged for the vinyl release and has gone off to the presses. To say we are excited about this would be a considerable understatement.

But sadly, having done a bang up job on the album art,  (and we might add on the album itself, as well as all the gigs of the last two years), Steve Moore has decided to leave us, his last gig a turn at the Wye beer festival. He will be sadly missed. What's more it does mean we maintain our 100% record of loosing a drummer just before an album release. Four out of four albums. We thought we might make it this time too. We are currently seeking a new drummer, but in the interim Mike Sewell from our friends Broken Banjo will be filling in for our Homespun Festival appearance. 

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