Review by Buzzin Music of The Gentlemen's Club EP

Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – The Gentlemen’s Club 10” EP Terry Lane - Monday 01.12.14, 22:58pm The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society I first saw Stuart Turner perform a solo acoustic support to The Spitfire Three at The Command House in Chatham, one of the Medway Towns, some years ago now. The night also included singer-songwriter Kris Dolomore, also playing solo and acoustic. All three performances played homage to the blues; and what struck me then about Stuart Turner was his use of chord structures – not a straight, obvious and somewhat tedious appreciation of the blues, but one with a less common, interesting twist. That night he stole my attention. And if to compliment his chord structures, Stuart sang with the deepest, gravel-infested sore and jagged voice I had ever heard sung live. Think Howlin’ Wolf and Brian Blessed in a meat raffle. Got it? Then consider how the most mild-mannered, quietly spoken individual can perform with such a deep, powerful voice without the need for throat lozenge sponsorship. Stuart Turner has continued to impress and grow his audience over the past few years with the charmingly titled Flat Earth Society. They play a lo-fi garage folk blues with dirt on its wheels and a monkey or two on its back. Not for the clean shaven or pseudo-folk fans of Mumford & Sons, this is down and gritty music for real men who drink real ale. The Gentlemen’s Club is a four track 10” vinyl only release, their second EP, that was originally planned as an accompaniment to their recently released third album, The Art and Science of Phrenology. But for one reason and another it was delayed and now finds itself getting an official standalone release. Stuart conducts, growls and plays guitar on all songs but ‘Pier Road’, which is written and sung by Rob Shepherd, while he also picks a beautiful sounding banjo and strums the mandolin. Bob Collins adds gusto and electric guitar. While Nick Rice (bass) and Steven Moore (drums) create a tight rhythm section. Midlife Catharsis carries a country rock vibe, more uptempo than the others; and has me thinking of Captain Beefheart in an ‘Ice Cream For Crows’ moment. There’s an offbeat, wackiness about this that I love. Brilliant! I really love this song. It has a great catchy tune, lovely twanging banjo that work perfectly with the guitars; and Stuart’s vocals pull the whole thing together perfectly. Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society perform blues drenched country folk songs with deep-crusted feeling with meaningful and heartfelt stories that have them shine brightly with a distinctive sound all of their own. The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society is available as a 10” vinyl only release on Vacilando ’68 recordings and is available from & Side 1: Midlife Catharsis Odyssey Side 2: Pier Road Migratory

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