Something Else

The last Saturday in September saw us booked to play at the lovely Something Else in the Dean Festival. Had been looking forward to it pretty much since the last one and we set off in plenty of time to hit out allocated stage time of 14:30. Stuart and a car full of drums and guitars left home at 08:00. However he foolishly ignored a sign that said 'Traffic congestion ahead' and found himself stuck for 4 hours on the M4, anxious and angry at himself. The rest of the band went a different way and were oblivious to the traffic congestion on the M4 until Stuarts lateness presented itself as a problem. Fortunately for us the festival is really rather lovely and so are our chums in the band Ghosts of Men. Our slot was swapped with their slot and when Stuart did make it to the site at 14:32, he found Ghosts of Men on the tea tent stage we were supposed to be on playing a stirring rendition of 'Decimation' by Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society, with the lyrics somewhat altered to be about traffic problems. Wonderful. A few hours later we took to a different stage outdoors, only to find the amps we thought were going to be ok were too big for the solar power source on the stage we now found ourselves on. A string of power leads and extension had to be run from the tea tent stage to the outdoor stage to accommodate the valves. We commenced playing and the heavens opened. It rained solidly from the moment we started playing until the early hours of the morning, which had the unusual effect of driving everyone in earshot under the bar marquee, slightly out of sight from the stage, leaving just Dan 'Funkee and the Two Tone Baby' Turbull standing watching us in the rain by himself, with applause coming from seemingly nowhere after each song. It was an unusual gig to say the least and for all the muck ups, logistical problems and inconvenient weather, we played and people spoke to us afterwards about how much they liked it when you could have thought no one was listening. So thank you Something Else in the Dean, you were friendly, accommodating, forgiving and somewhat soggy. And thank you Ghosts of Men, we'll see you in November when you come to play with us in Chatham.

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