We've sort of been on tour

Since the album became available to the wider world we have been playing two gigs a week in the closest thing to a tour this band's ever engaged in. We've played in South, East and West Kent, Gloucestershire,  Oxfordshire, Dorsetshire and even San Sebastian in Spain. We've played for festivals, beer festivals. Music festivals,  barbecues and bars. It's been a lot of fun. While we were about it glossy music monthly Maverick published a two page review-cum-introductory-exposee on the band which was pretty cool. We will transcribe to here when we get a chance, but it was a glowing review of both the band and the album. Now we have a few weeks off gigs before the Homespun Festival when we will be showcasing some of our brand new stuff we are working up for the next album.  The world around us maybe a confusing place, but in the safe bubble of stfes we have been able to turn a lot of that confusion into something worthwhile.  We hope.  

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