She never grew 

Out of peekeaboo 

And smiled and waved 

At cars as they speeded by 

The windows of the passenger seat 

She was strapped 

Into the arms of her heaven 

(58 minutes passed 11) 

Scooter wheels 

In the empty hall 

Echo in 

The dust and silence of 

Another day 


By anyone 

Crashing the family home 

(How can you call this a home?) 


Ohh ohh 

I close my eyes 

And I’m still right there x 3 

He never liked 

To sit too still 

Preferring to play 

With plastic trains 

And the seat in front 

Moved as well 

As he collapsed 

Back into the straps that he loosened 

(Spilling his carton of juice and...) 

Radio alarm 

Wakes vacant house 

Every day 

A last post at the dawn 

Of another day 

In quiet decay 

The house that knew 

Nothing but sloth and disaster 

(Everything that came after) 

Chorus again 

She’s late again 

Her mane untamed 

Pressures on 

The socio-economic 

Reasons to go 

Faster than slow 

You can’t bend time 

To bring back all that was lost 

(Lives are hard to cost) 

Fridge still purrs 

Cooling cheese and fur 

The ticking price 

Of leaving the disconnected 

Power and gas 

Never to last 

No-one was there 

To give a single dam 

(Abandoned and all out of hand) 

Chorus again and end

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