You’ll find a way 

To get off the hook 

Even if that 

Means re-inking the book 

Right from the start 

You twist and you turn 

I finally see 

You’re not the hook: you’re the poisoned worm 


The first time that you broke my heart 

I knew I would love you forever 

From the first time you tore me all apart 

I’ve tried to nail-file through these rusted chains 


Control and contrive 

To make me feel small 

How else on this earth 

Can you keep me enthralled? 

Put a knife in my hand 

And tell me to die 

My past is your past 

And that’s how the future falls or flies 

Chorus again 

If I’d killed you instead 

Then I could be free 

I could finally breath 

With what’s left to me 

You could lie there 

Breathing your last 

I would be glad 

Your mould got broke when this die was cast 

Chorus again 

Playout section: 

What if life gets no better than this? 

Locked inside an operatic kiss? 


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