I don’t feel like going alone 

Like leaving this home 

Right now 

So why not throw the dog a bone 

Move off your throne 

Right now 

Look up and see I still care 

In the sacking we share 

Right now 

I’m right here as close as breath 

Inside your air 

Right now 


And you 

Living your life quite alone 

Surrounded by yourself and your phone 

And I’m 

Just me 

But I feel all at sea 

In the room; we’re both elsewhere 

In silent repair 

Right now 

And now I fear I’ve over-shared 

Hopes and despairs 

Right now 

Fence concerns with exhausted eyes 

Flesh out your disguise 

Right now 

Cloud horizons of pale blue skies 

Invent problems and lies 

Right Now 

Maybe it’s time I should go it alone 

Break up the home 

Right now 

Or leave in the morning with unspoken moans 

Forget your old bones 

Right now 

Run screaming from aggregates 

Beyond regrets 

Right now 

But maybe I haven’t the urge just yet 

Not quite yet 

Right now

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