If we were to put you down 

Would you hit the ground running? 

If you don’t open your eyes 

How can you see what’s coming? 

And it looks like you have hit the ground 

One too many times 

So I’ll try harder to hold your hand 

Because the fall was never kind 


And if you were to go right now 

I’d cry all the way home 

But in the bat of an angels wing 

You’d fly all the way home 

You can hear the choir sing 

Calling you home 

But if you were to go 

You’d leave me to this 

Solitary moan 

A heart can only beat 

Until it wears itself right through 

Yours has beaten all the odds 

And all I’ve said to you 

And those words: I should have held my breath 

And kept my big mouth closed 

And those regrets: the ones you’ll never hear 

Will remain unopposed 

And as you slip from me 

What can you hear coming? 

Does a lone trumpet sound 

Or are there many hooves a-drumming? 

And though I’m sure that we will meet again 

I’m still sad to see you go 

I’ll miss the times we hung around 

I’m dammed sure you already know

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