If you believe beliefs a sin 

Think you won’t see me again? 

We all have feet of clay 

Find someone better: I’ll get out (of) the way 

Your every thought and every act 

Assembled through dark think tank pacts 

So you go and critique me 

For having the gall to say as I see 

Standing circles of this hell 

Let’s pull the rope rising from the well 

Together stronger: each in turn 

Draw the water before we burn 

But you want someone to shout and scream 

(And) Make human beings seem obscene 

When the truth is calm if ill-informed 

And no-one should regret they’re born 

If you want I will be here for you 

If you don’t I’ll still see this thing through 

If there’s someone you’d rather face 

At thresholds of judgemental gates 

Think of who’s been loyal and true 

And all that they have done for you

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